EPL: Man Utd named club with highest wage bill in history, spent almost £1billion since Ferguson left

Manchester United
Manchester United's recently-published financial result, shows the club has an annual wage bill of around £332million, a record-breaking figure in Premier League history, the DailyMail reports.
The club has also spent close to £1billion in acquiring talents, since Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down in 2013.
United continue to pay eye-watering sums to their top players in recent years, despite their woes on the pitch.
Goalkeeper David de Gea recently signed a new £375,000-a-week deal, while Paul Pogba earns £290,000-a-week.
The £332m figure also includes seven months of wages paid to Alexis Sanchez, who earns £400,000 a week at Old Trafford.
Inter Milan, who took Sanchez on loan this summer, agreed to pay close to £4.5m of the Chile international's £21m annual salary, meaning United are still having to subsidise a significant portion of his wages.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's men are currently 12th on the table, two points above relegation places

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