Come Let Solve Your Google AdSense Identity Verification Failed Error

Google’s online advertisement placement platform AdSense gives website publishers an opportunity to monetize their sites and earn from their content. AdSense basically displays contextual ads that are created as well as paid by advertisers who want to promote their products.
To get approved for this ad program, other than meeting the basic terms and conditions, website owners are required to get their identity verified for successful enrollment. While earlier it used to be a PIN verification procedure, now in addition, publishers are also asked for a Government issued ID
Do you experience failed identity verification on your AdSense which results to blank ads and perhaps, unabled to receive payment , Ads no longer display
due to failed identity verification on your AdSense account?

HEY the bad news is that WITHOUT MANUAL ACTION, there is no remedy on that AdSense or admob account again.
Already thinking of closing the account and opening another one? Don’t waste more time and energy because the account will be manually approved, so if such new account name and details tally with your former details on google AdSense, THE ACCOUNT WILL BE DISAPPROVED OR DISABLED OR FAILED VERIFICATION at the end of the day.

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